FUE was introduced as an alternative to strip harvesting in FUT. Follicular units were directly punched out one-by-one from the donor scalp. It is a modification of the old school Punch Graft used by Dr Orentrich, except a 0.8 to 1.0-mm diameter smaller punch was used instead of a 4mm biopsy punch.

Our FUE -HD Technique

"HD" stands for High Density. In recent years we have combined and modified the Europen-USA FUE techniques to accommodate for high density implantation. The incisons are smaller with much less bleeding and trauma to the recipient site. This markedly reduces the downtime, and patients can resume normal activities just after a few days.

Presented our Double-Guns FUE Technique in 2008 ISHRS Meeting ( Montreal, Canada ).

Overcome Drawbacks of Traditional FUE

Clinically our FUE -HD Technique has overcome the 5 following major drawbacks of traditional FUE :
•   Limited Number of Grafts unable to achieve High Density Grafting
•   Graft Damage ( Transection ) during Punch Harvesting
•   Unsightly Donor Areas ( Dotting, Thinning, and Mottling )
•   Long Surgery Time and Slow Recovery
•   Expensive

1. More Viable Grafts

Number of Grafts Extracted Per Session

Our record was 5,500 hairs extracted in one single session. The normal range is from 2,500 to 3,500 hairs in Asians, and more for Caucasians, depending the surgical plan and donor density.

Using Our Sequential Technique

In 2018 we had developed a new technique using both hands for excision and extraction simutaneously to reduce the graft harvesting time. This so-called "Double Gun Technique" was first presented in the 2008 ISHRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Montreal, Canada, In 2018 the ISHRS FUE Committee re-named it "Sequential FUE Technique". Our technique is currently used by many doctors in Europe.

Using Our Own Device

Graft transection is the main drawback in FUE. In 2017 we started to develop our own punch, Our punch has a wider opening in the shape of a funnel, and is known as the "Funnel Punch". With this we are able to markly reduce the transection rate. In 2017 our punch was on producion and now used by hair transplant surgeon all over the world.

Can be Combined with FUT

We are the very few centers that offer FUT-FUE Combination to maximize the number of grafts!

Using the Latest Bio-technology

The final result of hair transplant depends on how many grafts actually re-grow after the procedure. Our FUE -HD combines the followings to enhance graft survival :
•   ATP Energy Spray and Storage Solution
•   Low Level Laser Therapy
•   Tricomin Copper Peptide Hair Solution

2. High Density Implantation and Better Result

Manual and Automatic FUE Systems Combined

After learning Dr John Cole (USA) CIT System, Dr Umar (USA) U-System, Dr Devroye (Belgium) WAW System, Dr Trivellini (Italy) Mamba Device, and many other technique and devices in the last 14 years, we feel that the human touch is as important as any latest technology. Our FUE -HD system combines both manual and automatic extraction to cater for different skin texture and hair characters :
• 2006 learned the European Style FUE in Greece
• 2006 trained by a FUE expert from Slovakia
• 2006 visited the very famous InjectoCapilar FUE Clinic in Mydraid, Spain
• 2012 used Dr Jim Harris S.A.F.E. System for automatic FUE extraction
• 2013 visited the Father of FUE, Dr William Rassman, in Los Angeles, USA
• 2013 observed the ARTAS Robotic System in Arizona, USA
• 2017 invited as faculty for the WFI Annual Scientific Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

3. Much Better Donor Areas

All skin surgery including FUE produce scar. Our FUE -HD combines the following to prevent any unsightly donor site appearance after extraction :
•   good infection control and proper aftercare
•   use very small punch for extraction to reduce skin trauma
•   reduce graft transection and wastage
•   use a larger area for extraction to evenly disperse the punch holes
•   camouflage the white patches using SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation

4. Quick Recovery and Less Downtime

Hours of Extraction

Any extracted follicles should be re-implanted as soon as possible. We allow 2-4 hours on extraction, and another 2 hours to inserted into the recipient site. So the whole procedure may last just 5 hours with minimal discomfort. Can we do any faster? No ! We would not sacrifice graft quality to speed up extraction

Number of days for FUE -HD

We are only offering one day session. Reasons are :
•   tiring for the patient lying face down for 4-5 hours in 2 consecutive days
•   local anesthesia has to be injected again, more painful and risky
•   too much injection on same area disrupts blood and nutrient supply to hair follicles implanted in Day 1
•   grafts transplanted on day 1 may be damaged on the second day
•   difficult to predict how many grafts can be extracted the second day

5. More Affordable Cost

We are unable to offer good value service by reducing running cost :
•   Our FUE -HD system does not require any expensive set-up and maintenance cost as in ARTAS
•   less complication
•   shorter operating time


Afraid of Surgery

Most of our patients demand FUE -HD because they cannot tolerate the thought of having a cut at the back of their heads ( FUT ).

Skin Head or Military-Cut Hair Style

For those who prefer to keep hair very short at the back of the head, FUE -HD is the only option.

Do Not Want Scar or Keloid Prone

With our very small punch size, FUE -HD would be a much better choice that FUT-STRIP

Low Donor Density

When the hair density is low in the donor site, the FUT linear scar would be visible even if hair is kept long.

Small Jobs or the Very Young

For the youngsters or when only a few hundred grafts is required, it may not worth leaving a scar behind. FUE -HD is quite suitable under these circumstances especially when total shaving of the donor area is not required.

When Strip is Not Posible

When the patients already has a few FUT-Strip removed previously or simply because the scalp is just too tight or thin to remove a strip .