Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Price list

Service Professional Fee (HKD)

Doctor Assessment

$ 400
( Include Tricoscan Hair Analysis )
FUE Technique $ 10 - 24 ( Per Hair ) *
FUT Technique $ 18 - 40 ( Per Graft ) *
Minimal Charge $ 15,000
HIV & Hepatitis C Quick Test $ 200 ( Compulsory )
Postop Visit Free for 12 Months
Demo Case Discount To be Negotiated
Payment ( HKD only ) EPS, VISA, Mastercard, WeChat Pay, American Express, PayPal, Cash
12 Months Interest Free Instalment Heng Seng Bank and American Express Cardholders

REMINDER Final cost per hair or per graft depends on total number of hair follicle transplanted.

Fixed Price Policy

hair transplant hong kong cost

•   Final cost determined after doctor assessment
•   As FUT & FUE are 2 different techniques, their charges are also different
      FUT - Charge Per Graft
      FUE - Charge Per Hair
•   Per Job Fixed Price, no more to pay
•   Free Follow-Up for 12 months
•   12 months interest free installment

We are the first center in Hong Kong to advocate a Fixed Price Policy. After consultation the doctor will advise you the minimal number of grafts required for your procedure. We calculate your surgical fee according to this number of grafts. This is all you have to pay for!

What Happens to Extra grafts?
No graft will be wasted - All extra graft will be planted for free.

What Happen with Less Grafts?
If we cannot get the promised number, the difference will be refunded.

Example :
You pay for 1,000 grafts. If we get 1,100 grafts, you have the extra 100 for free.
If we only get 900, we refund the cost for 1,000 - 900 = 100 grafts.

What Are Included ?

•   All oral or topical medication required before and during procedure
•   Surgical fee
•   4 Months wound care and follow-up after hair transplant

How We Estimate Cost ?

Estimating the cost is a complicated factor, and cannot be done just by a phone call or email. The cost depends mainly on the number of grafts required to achieve the expected result. 4 factors must be considered:

hair transplant hong kong cost

1.    AREA of bald area to be transplanted

2.    DENSITY of graft desired per

3.    Amount of DONOR HAIR available for transplant

4.    Patients' EXPECTATION

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