FUE Hair transplant before and after

Former Patient Becomes Consultant - Sara's Story

I was suffering from female pattern hair loss with extensive thinning of hair over the top of my head. I always had trouble styling my hair. This annoying problem runs in the family. Some of my siblings had paid over $600,000 on hair pieces and their maintenance, not counting the time spent. Of course I had tried different Chinese and Western medicine as well as hair care products. Nothing worked to my satisfaction. I hated surgery and pain, and that's why it took me a long time before going for hair transplant. I chose the FUT (Strip) technique as I want the best result.

The Procedure

I arrived at the center very nervous. After cleaning my hair with antiseptic shampoo, the doctor gave me some pills. That helped a lot as I was asleep almost all the way, just taking a few breaks to stretch my back and take some snacks. I did not feel any pain when Dr. Ng transplanted the 2,200 grafts on my top. I went home wearing a headband with a dressing on the back of my head. That night I slept normally on my bed, not on a chair. That was in April 2008.

The Day After

The next morning on waking up I felt some pain on where they took the strip, but that settled after taking just Panadol given by the doctor. The only other medicine I had to take was a course of antibiotics to prevent wound infection from sweating. Where they planted the grafts I felt no pain. I returned to the clinic for hair wash and wound care. They told me to wear the head band for 2 more days to prevent swelling. That day I went out for shopping and dining as usual. I washed my hair the next few days as instructed. There was no more pain at the donor area, even the tight feeling disappeared after the doctor removed the stitches on day 5. My recovery was quite uneventful. Even on returning to work after a few days none of my co-workers could tell I had a hair transplant.

Waiting for the New Hair

Actually the worse part in hair transplant is the waiting for the new hair to come out. The next few months seemed a long time but after 4 months I could actually feel the hair with my fingers! That was very reassuring. By 8 months even my stylist noticed the difference. Now I can style my hair any way I want. Also I noticed the new hair is stronger than the original hair.

Almost Invisible Scar

How about the scar? Well I can't see it myself. My friends have trouble finding it because the doctor used a special technique to make hair grow inside the scar. I am very happy with the result. I hope you are as lucky as I am because the doctor is very strict in accepting patients. Anyway if you are interested just come and talk to me. you can see the result for yourself.

Sharing My Personal Experience

Some people lose their hair while really young. Despite the extensive use of vitamin,dietary supplement, drugs, and various hair therapy, they may not see any result. On occasions we have parents coming with their children who are psychologically and socially disturbed by the early onset of baldness.For those who were candidates for hair transplant, the majority will find new hair coming out after 8 to 12 months. I have witnessed the change in their appearance, hair styling, and most of all, the gain in self confidence. That makes my work meaningful as a Hair Transplant Consultant.

I can tell you that Hair transplant is a rather simple and safe procedure. Unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate and careful patient selection is the key to satisfactory outcomes.For those who want to know more about the procedure, I am delighted to share my personal experience.

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