FUT Donor Scar
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All hair Transplant leave donor scars. We combined different Techniques to reduce scar. However scar formation is unpredictable and "Invisible" scar cannot be guaranteed in every case. Most scars can be covered by hair and scar Revision is an option. As formation of scars varies from person to person and is difficult to compare, we are here comparing the scar in same patient who had 2 previous FUT procedure.

FUT Scar Compare in Same Patient

(A) Our FUT scar ( After 2nd procedure)
(B) Scar from another center ( 1st procedure )

This patient had the first hair transplant in another reputable center. He came to us for second procedure. As first donor scar was very wide we decided to make another incision just below. Our second scar was smaller than the first one, thanks to the various techniques we were using.

FUT Donor Scar
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