Eyebrows are the most expressive feature and create a masterline of the face. It is the reference point towards which all other angles and contours of the face are set. Hair transplantation for eyebrow loss was pioneered by Dr. Okuda ( Japan ) in 1939 and thereafter has been performed for many years. Restoring eyebrows have now become a very popular procedure due to the refinement of technique and outstanding results.

Eyebrow Design Problem 1 - Asymmetry

fue eyebrow transplant
Thinning eyebrows requires transplant ...
Asymmetry affects the final outcome

Though a small area eyebrow transplant demands high precision in design. First requirement is symmetry.

Eyebrow Design Problem 2 - Not Matching Facial Features

Eyebrows are an essential feature of the face because they give the shape of the face and form the facial features of the eye, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin. Eyebrows are one of some facial features that can be shaped to enhance the beauty of the face. It is essential to consider the type of face and eyes. The ideal eyebrow shape should closely related to the 6 different shapes of the face: Square, Round, Triangle, Oval Heart, Rectangle. The skeletal structure of the face also determines the basic eyebrow shape. The most pleasing result cannot be achieved if new eyebrows do not match all facial features.

Eyebrow Design Problem 3 - Change of Mind

We have created eyebrows according to patients' instruction. Procedure went well and they were happy on going home. However after receiving comments from friends and relatives, they changed their mind about what they liked. After a few days they returned requesting to alter the shape, which is impossible.

Solution - Perfect Eyebrow Package

Step 1

Doctor Consultation

Our doctor will assess your condition to see if eyebrow transplant is good for you. Knowing exactly what you want, you can just make a booking ( Step 3 ). If you cannot decide on the shape of the eyebrows, we will arrange an Expert to design for you ( Step 2 ).

Step 2

Eyebrow Design by Expert

Our Image Designer Poppy will design eyebrows to best match your facial features. The to be transplanted areas will be lightly colored. During the next 3 weeks you can check the mirror, take pictures, and ask you friends for comment. Poppy is happy to change the design till you are fully satisfied with your new look.

Step 3

Book For Procedure

The 3 weeks "Cool Down Period" provides you with plenty of time to examine what you want. Once make up your mind you can call our office to schedule the procedure.

Poppy Lau

Our Image Designer

Miss Poppy Lau, founder and director of New Face Beauty, has been providing high-end customers with top-quality beauty, slimming, makeup styling and eyebrow design services. With over 16 years experience she has established her reputation as "Beauty Expert" and "Celebrity Makeup Artist" in Hong Kong, Korea, and Mainland China.

Poppy holds the ITEC Beauty Specialist Certificate and the CIBTAC Award. In recent years, she has frequently been invited by TVB to speak on the topics of skin care and makeup techniques. In 2014, she was invited to be the editor-in-chief of "CHINESE Beauty & Life", a mainstream beauty magazine in China.

Poppy has integrated different techniques in eyebrow tattooing. A more youthful appearance can be achieved when shape of the eyebrows matches the Golden Da Vinci Face Proportion. Our working together in the last 3 years produces many happy clients.