Who are Good Candidate?

An ideal candidate is someone with dense hair in the permanent fringe of hair-bearing scalp which is at the side and back part of your head. A patient with light-colored hair and pale skin (as opposed to dark hair and light skin) may appear to have a denser look. Patients with very wavy curly hair may require fewer sessions than someone with straight hair.

Expectation must be realistic. While hair transplants look very natural, the end result may not achieve the density or total coverage of that of a teenager. Results can also vary from patient to patient. The patients have to accept that a second procedure may be needed in the future to catch up with progressive loss of existing hairs.

Who Should Consider hair Transplant?

1. High Forehead
Ladiies born with a high forehead or M-shaped hairline without obvious hair loss. Hair transplants is the best option to fill-in the front hairline; and to thicken the front half of the scalp.

2. Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)
A form of Androgenetic Alopecia accounting for 20-30% of hair thinning in women

3. Scarring Alopecia
Hair loss from scar after surgery or injury

Hair Transplant Not Recommended For:

•   Unrealistic Expectation, Perfectionist, Body Dysmorphic Syndrome
•   Extensive thinning of hair over the entire scalp, with Miniaturization of 50% or more of the hair
•   Unable to tolerate shock loss (see below)