Our Hair Transplant Team

We believe proper training is important to build a world standard hair transplant team. Our staff were sent overseas to be personally trained by Dr Pathomvanich for up to one whole year. On completin of training they were assigned to a role most suited to their abilities. Regular meetings are held to discuss cases and the latest development. Frequent visits were made to hair transplant clinics overseas to exchange ideas and techniques. Since 2007 we have been attending international medical conferences and workshop to update our skill and knowledge. Staff were selected carefully to provide you with the best medical care and service. Our surgical team has at present expanded to 13 members . This should be the largest teams in Hong Kong.

The Advantage of a Large Team
Once hair follicles are removed from the body, they have a limited survival time. The final result depends largely on how many grafts will live to grow. More people working means less preparation time and more graft survival. The FUT-X hair transplant technique has the potential to improve the appearance of a Class V patient just in one session. Man power is mandatory for FUT-X! A large surgical team makes it possible to transplant more than 4,000 grafts (or 7,000 - 8,000 hair) in just one session.

Sara - Consultant

A Hair Transplant Patient
Sara was suffering from female pattern hair loss which runs in the family. She always had trouble styling her hair. Many different medication were tried without success. In 2008 she had a hair transplant by Dr. Bertram Ng. 2,200 follicles were transplanted. Seeing the good result of hair transplant in herself, she is ready to share with you her experience as a real patient. More on Sara's Story ...

A Trained Surgical Assistant
Sara had proper training as hair transplant assistant. She was personally trained by Ms.Patcharee, the head nurse of Dr Pathomvanich, and knows very well each step of the procedure. She specialized in slivering and graft cutting.

Ex-President, BNI Element Chapter HK
BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world. This business and professional organization allows only one representative from each profession to join a chapter. Sara is the President of Hong Kong Element Chapter from 2015 to 2016.

A Qualified Beautician
Sara is also a qualified beautician. She will provide professional advice on your hairline or eyebrows design, and give you practical advice before and after surgery. She is holding the following qualifications:
•   Certificate, Beauty Therapy, City & Guilds International
•   Certificate, Cosmetic Make-Up, City & Guilds International
•   Diploma, Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, Australian Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
•   Certificate, Beauty Therapy, The Western Australian School of Health and Community Services
•   Certificate, Basic Life therapy, The American Heart Association

Ronnie - Customer Service

Ronnie worked as Clinic Manager for many years before joining our center. She has extensive experience in personal service, fully understanding the importance of ethnical and profesional patient care. She will look after you as a patient in need, not a customer with cash.

Overseas Training
Ronnie has been well trained as hair transplant assistant. In 2009 she was sent overseas to be trained in one of the ISHRS Training Centers. Her specialities are wound care and graft insertion. She is holding a certificate in Basic Life Support.

Inhouse Hair Stylists

Dr Bertram is proud to be the first Hair Transplant Center in Hong Kong that has in-house hairdstyling service. Due to the great demand in service we have now having 2 full time hair stylistss, Wing and Cryst. They worked in Hair Saloons as professional hair stylistss for many years before joining our team. We think their service is of utmost importance in many ways.

Hair and Scalp Analysis
They assist the doctor in analysing your hair-scalp conditions.

Postop Hair wash
We strive to get the best possible result for you, taking care of every single step. A transplanted hair needs 7 days to re-establish blood supply. It is very fragile in this 7 days, easily damaged. Improper hair wash will have an adverse effect on the graft survival and final outcome.

First Hair Cut
They can also do the first hair cut for you. Say four weeks after the procedure you may want the first hair cut. Most hairdressors know nothing about hair transplant and may be alarmed by the donor healing and transplanted graft. Vigorously hair wash with finger nails may damage your recipient site. Use of shared scissors also increases chance of infection.

Advice on Hair Care Products
They will also give you some tips regarding daily haircare, the choice of shampoo and consitioner. For those who are interested in using Toppik, they will show you the proper way of use.