Who Should Consider hair Transplant?

Androgenetic Alopecia (Male pattern Baldness)
Over 95% of men with hair loss are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Typically some donor hair will be left at the back of the head, making it possible to consider hair transplant. Hair Transplant is the best option to fill-in the front hairline; and to thicken the front half of the scalp.

Scarring Alopecia
The scarring can be from injuries or after surgery.

When to Consider Hair Transplant?

Patients may have hair transplant at any age. It is often better to start when they are not completely bald so that existing hair can be used to help camouflage the effect of the procedure. However, because hair loss tends to be both gradual and progressive, it is often unwise to start surgical treatment in a patient who is very young. Medical treatments may be offered to men with mild to moderate hair loss to help preserve thinning hair in the crown.

Who are Good Candidate?

Anyone who has experienced permanent hair loss may be a candidate. Patients with light-colored hair and pale skin (as opposed to dark hair and light skin) and those with curly hair may appear to have a denser look, requiring fewer sessions. Expectation must be realistic. While hair transplants look very natural, the end result may not achieve the density or total coverage of that of a teenager. Results can also vary from patient to patient. The patients have to accept that a second procedure may be needed in the future to catch up with progressive loss of existing hairs.

General Principles

Number of Graft
Restore the hairline and frame the face is the most important goal (area 2, 3). In Asian males about 1,800 to 2,800 grafts can be harvested in first session. Asian males have about 5,000 to 7,000 usable donor grafts per life time. In Caucasian males 2,400 to 3,500 grafts are readily available due to their higher donor density. We do not recommend overharvesting as some donor hair should be reserved for the future.

Area and Density
Spreading the grafts thinly over a large area achieve no visible improvement. It is better to dense pack the front, leaving the crown for a future session or a trial of medical treatment.

Hairline Design
You must negotiate with our doctor what you want to achieve. Recommendations depend on the extend of hair loss, your age, and personal preferences.

We prefer Strip-FUT in most cases, reserving FUE for a selected group of patients who want to wear skinhead after a hair transplant.

Adjuvant Medical Therapy

Donor hair is permanent but limited. Hair transplant only redistributes hair. It cannot change the progressive nature of AGA. The miniaturization of existing hair may offset the cosmetic results over years. To enjoy a full coverage for decades the use of medication should be discussed with our doctor.