Doctor Consultation

Service Professional Fee
First Visit $ 350
Subsequent Visit $ 250
Tricoscan (Hair Analysis) Included

Hair Transplant

Service Professional Fee
FUT Technique $ 18 to 40 Per Graft.
FUE Technique $ 24 Per Hair / $ 54 Per Graft *
( There is on average 2.2 hair per FUE Graft )
Minimal Charge $ 15,000
HIV & Hepatitis C Quick Test ( Compulsory ) $ 150
Demo Case Discount To be Negotiated

Per Graft vs. Per Hair
Nearly all hair transplant centers in the world use "Per Graft" as the standard unit in calculating price. A graft is an intact piece of hair bearing tissue inserted into each incison made in the recipient site. A graft can contain one follicular unit (single FU graft), two follicular units (double FU graft), or even more (minigraft). As a result each graft can contain 1 to 5 hairs. On average a FUT graft has 1.8 hair whilst a FUE graft has 2.2 hair.

Some centers however use "hair" as the counting unit to give a false impression of higher number and cheaper price. We follow the international standard and use "per graft" in your quotation.

Per Job Fixed Cost Policy

We are the first center in Hong Kong to advocate a Fixed Price Policy. After consultation the doctor will advise you the minimal number of grafts required for your procedure. We calculate your surgical fee according to this number of grafts. This is all you have to pay for!

What Happens to Extra grafts?

No graft will be wasted - All extra graft will be planted for free.

What Happen with Less Grafts?/span>

If we cannot get the promised number, the difference will be refunded.

Example :
You pay for 1,000 grafts. If we get 1,100 grafts, you have the extra 100 for free.
If we only get 900, we refund the cost for 1,000 - 900 = 100 grafts.

What Are Included
•   Doctor consultation fee for your initial visit
•   All oral or topical medication required before and during procedure
•   Surgical fee
•   Simple wound care immediately after the procedure

What Are Not Included
•   HIV and Hepatitis C finger prick test
•   Hair Care Products
•   Hair cut after procedure
•   Management of complications related to pre-existing conditions
•   Second Procedure to add nore grafts into the same areas
•   Scar Revision for any scar left by the First procedure


We Accept EPS, VISA or Mastercard, Paypal and Cash ( in HKD only )

Interest Free Installment

We offer interest free installment. Please call us for details.