The followings should be considered when comparing Dr Bertram wth other hair transplant centers.

Reputation / Credit Dr Bertram Hair Transplant
Our Founder •   Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich
Recognition •   ISHRS Certified Fellow
•   ISO 9001:2008 Certification
•   Patent laser device for hairline design

Surgical Team
Training •   Up to 1 year trainning by Dr Pathomvanich
•   Attend International Meetings since 2007
•   Visit World Famous Clinics and Surgeons
Manpower and Experience •   One of the largest teams in Hong Kong
•   Can transplant > 4,000 grafts per session
•   Full devotion not engage in other aesthetic service
Support •   Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich
•   Associated with DHT Clinic International
•   International professional network

Hair Transplant Technique
Surgery and Post-Op Care •   By our appointed doctor and staff
Available Techniques •   FUT technique
•   FUE technique
•   Female hairline extension
•   Laser hairline design
•   Focus on graft survival
Safety •   Level I conscious sedation USA standard
Shaving •   Optional

Fee for Service •   Fixed price per job policy
•   Charge per Graft ( Not per Hair )

Graft Preparing Technique
Graft Dissection •   Use of 7 stereo-microscopes to prepare grafts
Graft Storage •   Use of ATP- Hypothermosol instead of Saline

Post-Op Care
Promote Wound Healing •   Use of low level laser ( Sunetic Laser Hood )
•   ATP energy spray (Imported from USA)
•   Specially formulated shampoo
Prevent Facial Swelling •   Incidence less than 1% with our protocol
Prevent Wound Infection •   No antibiotic required in 98% of cases
Hair Care & Hair Cut •   2 in-house hairstylists