3 Simple Steps

1. Connect Us via Whatsapp or WeChat.

2. Take some pictures ( see below ) and send to us

3. Inform us the followings:
•   Intended area for hair transplant
•   Prefer Technique - FUT 、 FUE 、 No Idea 、or No Preference
•   Any current medication for hair loss
•   Any previous hair transplant

We will evaluate you condition, and advise if hair transplant is indicated for you.

Views of Picture Required

1. Forehead (Front View)

2. Hairline (Front Tilting)

Front and Hairline

3. Top (Bending Down)

4. Top (Looking Up)


5. Back of Head

6. One Side

Side of Head (Donor Zone)


Feedback from us based on your online data only reflect our point of view. It is under no circumstances intended to represent the views of others doctors or hair transplant centers.